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“THEO JUST INHERITED his Grandfather’s flying machine. It had become a little rusty and broken, but Theo set to work to repair it.” And thus begins this charming little book with six pages of heavy-stock pieces to press out and assemble. There’s the aeroplane, Theo the bear and his pals. the Colonel and Koala Lumpa.

Theo’s Wonderful Flying Machine: Press-out and Play, by Prue Theobalds, author and illustrator, Uplands Books, 1996.

I bought my copy years ago in Britain, though through the wonders of global trade Theo’s Wonderful Flying Machine is available today through Amazon.

Note, it’s not a “story book” per se. The entire tale is recounted on the inside front cover. The assembly steps, all ten of them, are on the inside rear cover. No scissors nor glue is required. It’s all press out, fold, and slot together.

Yet it’s charming, well produced, and makes for a whimsical addition to my collection of Wright, Blériot, and other vintage model aeroplanes.

The finished model is about 11 3/4 in. from nose to tail.

I haven’t seen the other four books in this series (also available through Amazon): Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, I Saw a Ship A’Sailing, and Theo’s Dressing Up Box.. However, I highly recommend Theo’s Wonderful Flying Machine. ds

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