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THE WORLD’S first consulting detective has exhibited great deductive prowess, but he may have a new rival, a mere junior office clerk in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester.

I enjoy Grantchester, a Brit detective drama seen in the U.S. on PBS stations. Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers is an intuitive amateur sleuth who teams up with gruff methodical Detective Inspector Geordie Keating in solving an inordinate number of crimes occurring in this otherwise idyllic English village of the 1950s. (The Cotswold’s Kembleford is similarly cursed in the Father Brown series. So is Agatha Raisin’s Carsley. Whatever do you suppose?)

Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, portrayed by Robson Green, and Vicar Sidney Chambers, portrayed by James Norton, are the featured sleuths in Grantchester.

I especially enjoy the deep character development of the Grantchester principals: Vicar Sidney has love affairs. His curate Leonard is a closeted gay. Geordie’s occasionally harried domestic life is further complicated by his off-again-on-again relationship with police station clerk Margaret.

Police junior office clerk Margaret Ward, portrayed by Seline Hizli, is showing investigative prowess on Grantchester.

It’s this pretty young clerk Margaret Ward who’s turning out to be a potential rival of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve already described “Sherlock Holmes—Cryptologist” here at SimanaitisSays, and Margaret is exhibiting signs of similar prowess.

Holmes decoded these dancing men into “Come Here At Once.”

In “The Adventure of the Dancing Men,” Holmes used familiarity with the English language and logic to decode this and other messages.

In a recent Grantchester episode, the vicar, detective inspector, and clerk Margaret are confronted with a numerical array that may hold a crucial clue. I’ve composed a similar array here for your entertainment.

Given the Grantchester array, Margaret studied number pairs and their vertical numerical ranges. In this array here: 01 to 23; 02 to 12; 04 to 28; etc. Hmm….

What’s the decoding of these numerical arrays? A significant hint lurks at the end of all this.

Here’s another numerical array. What’s special about these orderings? Think globally.

Hint for the Grantchester-like array: Have a nice holiday next Tuesday. ds

© Dennis Simanaitis,, 2017


  1. sabresoftware
    June 30, 2017

    If you like Robson Green, he was in a series about 20 years ago called Touching Evil. It was a very intense crime drama, about a special unit that investigated serial killers. His acting was just phenomenal. I have also enjoyed him in quite different roles in Grafters and Reckless. I wasn’t aware that he was in Grantchester so will have to seek that series out.

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