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WHEN I started back in August 2012, I envisioned mini-essays—not tiny “blogs”—whenever the spirit hit me on one topic or another.

Well, it turns out this is my first day off in writing a mini-essay since that start. I haven’t run out of things to say—no luck, there, folks. But I feel the need for a hiatus, maybe of a few days, maybe through the Holidays.

Those of you who recently joined in the fun at are encouraged to dig back into “The Archives.” In retrospect, early favorites of mine include my disillusionment with Tonto, the Wright demonstration at Le Mans, my day with Daffy, recurring studies of Sherlock Holmes and my Baltic tour.

I’m especially appreciative of long-time readers, whose comments have been so kind.

When you begin a daily task of composing mini-essays, you always worry that the well may one day run dry.

Happily, that doesn’t happen.


Your Author.

For example, I’ve never told you the story of the Author Portrait I’ve been using for a while.

Before long, I will return and do so. ds

© Dennis Simanaitis,, 2013

10 comments on “HIATUS

  1. Peter Ginkel
    December 2, 2013


    Enjoy the break. I look forward to reading the latest when your batteries are recharged (or should I say nowadays, “When your fuel cells are repressurized!”)

    Merry Christmas,

    Pete Ginkel

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  2. Richard
    December 2, 2013

    Dennis– A paid vacation, I hope!! Enjoy, and hope to see you soon. RB

  3. Spiros Karidis
    December 2, 2013


    Enjoy your time off. Will see you when you get back.


  4. Bill Urban
    December 3, 2013

    Dennis, richly deserved. Thanks for all the hard work so far . . . will be watching for your return.

  5. carmacarcounselor
    December 3, 2013

    Although I understand the need for a rest now and then, I also am afflicted with the compulsion to put my thoughts into words, so I suspect whatever you have in mind will end up shorter than you plan. One cannot just turn it off.
    Appropos to that, I am off to write another column for the “Pit Stop” at the Petersen Museum. They have a Jaguar retrospective there that starts on the 7th. They’ll have Mel Torme’s SS-100, an XK-120, Steve McQueen’s XK-SS, a gorgeous crimson XK-E FHC, and the current XK-F. I’m planning a re-write of the 50th anniversary XK-E piece you helped me with. (the Henry Manney misquote)

  6. Ed Kopacz
    December 12, 2013

    Enjoy your time off-you deserve it. retirement is a time to relax and do whatever you want , WHEN you want. So, WHENEVER that WHEN happens , I’m sure your fans will be there. I know I will, just as I was when I searched each new edition of Road & Track for your latest article or your monthly Tech Correspondence. A weekly , or wherever periodical will still be appreciated by your fans. Enjoy!!

  7. Mitch Seligson
    December 14, 2013

    Wow, I just found your blog.
    I Googled “Tom McCahill’ and came up with your piece on “The Modern Sports Car” A book my Dad had (I er, borrowed it) that brought me into the sports car world that preceded my birth.

    But the big bonus is your blog.
    I had given up on R&T a while ago and wondered what happened to you.
    Enjoy your break, come back and bring Peter Egan on board!

    There is an engineering question that’s bothered me for some years now.
    I thought “If anyone knows it would be Dennis Simanaitis”.
    Why do the Germans/Europeans use bolts to secure their wheels instead of studs/nuts?

  8. mark from toronto
    December 21, 2013

    Have a good break, I will check back in a few weeks. I love your off beat articles on aviation history. I would love to see you write about ships as well if it happens to be a passion of yours. I am fascinated by the dreadnaught era and the insane naval arms race that occured at the time.

  9. William Rabel
    December 27, 2013

    Have a Happy New Year, Dennis. However long you are on hiatus, it will be worth the wait. – Bill

  10. carmacarcounselor
    December 28, 2013

    If you follow R&T anymore, you may notice in “Your Turn” on Page 8 of the 2/14 issue, a letter re the omission of the E-Type Jaguar from their list of Beautiful Cars. The Editors replied with the same misquote of Henry N. Manney III that you so gently corrected in my blog celebrating the car’s 50th.
    Dick Stewart

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