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THE FOLLOWING IMAGES and commentary on Brazilian sculpture come from Artista da escultura Brasileira. The Art of Brazilian Sculptors. Die Brasilianische Bildhauerkunst introduced yesterday here at SimanaitisSays.

Bruno Giorgi is “the best known of Brazilian sculptors.… He believes that art is the creation of symbolic shapes depicting the human soul.”

Works by Bruno Giorgi: Above, marble, 28 cm, 1970; below, marble, 24 cm, 1974. Both in the Galeria Skultura collection.

Aldemir Martins is described as “an artist of versatile skills, [who] created a world of stylized native animals and popular types.” I sense whimsy as well.

Aldemir Martins: Acrylic, 18 cm, no date. Edwaldo Pacote collection.

Sérgio Camargo is one of the “stern artists of purity, who mould the archetypes of human form with a supreme abstraction of essential relations.” The book doesn’t identify works by name, but I see enthusiasm for the exoticar in this one.

Sérgio de Camargo: Marble, 15 cm, 1978. Artist’s collection.

Nhȏ Caboclo is known for a “vital force of wild fantasy and a search for popular traditions and ethnic roots, leading to the use of natural materials—wood, stone, clay, organic matter.” I particularly like the guy charged with propelling the craft.

Nhȏ Caboclo: Wood, 40 cm, no date. J.V. Beuque collection.

Amilcar de Castro is an artist of the constructivist school dedicating work “to the reorganization of shapes, to the discovery of fundamental relations, and to the revelation of our World by invention, by the arrangement of severe, logical lines based on visual reality.” This is one of the few works in the book that’s open-air art.

Amilcar de Castro: Iron, 220 cm, no date. IBM collection.

Who is Mick Jagger?? The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger is no stranger to Brazil. In fact, the Daily Mail, May 20, 2017, gave details of his returning to celebrate his son’s 18th birthday. Lucas Jagger lives with his mother, Luciana Gimenez, in São Paolo.

But this is getting ahead of the “Who is Mick Jagger??” story. Back in 1987, more than a decade before Mick’s liaison with Luciana during the 1997-1998 “Back to Babylon” world tour, Mick starred in an adventure movie called Running Out of Luck. The plot: Mick is in Rio shooting a rock-star video; real wife at the time Jerry Hall is with him. She makes out with a cabana boy; he picks up three girls who aren’t really ….

Not exactly G-rated art. Indeed, parts of the flick give it an R rating and for good reason. However, there’s also an hilarious bit in which Mick, down and out, tries to convince a couple of shopkeepers that he’s really Mick Jagger.

The Jagger/shopkeepers bit. Its G rating is appropriate.

The scene is stolen by the two shopkeepers preferring Julio Iglesias and a little kid who really knows the Jagger moves. Senhor Tucano thinks it’s a hoot. ds

© Dennis Simanaitis,, 2018

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