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Monthly Archives: May, 2015


FEW PEOPLE may never have heard the name Ferrari, but I suspect two planned biopics, one involving actor Robert De Niro, the other director Michael Mann, will remedy this presto. … Continue reading

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PARIS 1922

“…PARIS IS a moveable feast,” said Ernest Hemingway. And, based on the 1922 Continental Hotel’s Guide, it must have been memorable. Surely Google Translate has this wrong: What I suspect … Continue reading

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BUILDINGS ARE stationary; automobiles move, a truism that would seem to separate architects from automobile designers. However, there have been synergies between the two, with interesting results from the likes … Continue reading

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AIR TRAVEL got a real boost in Britain directly after World War I. A half-dozen aeroplane designs were more than simply WWI craft with makeshift seats installed for hardy travelers. … Continue reading

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@simanaitis #IF YOU DIG…

THE TWITTER social network has fostered new ways of communicating, some of which I’m apparently never meant to understand. Fortunately, though, Prof. Jacob Eisenstein of the School of Interactive Computing, … Continue reading

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